Husker Home Improvement - Husker Exteriors - LIE...Cheat and Steal

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Husker Exteriors - Husker Home Improvement - Four Seasons - Sunroom Designs of Nebraska

They are all the the same entity and are run from the same location they must need to change the name frequently to ward off online tattle-tales (there should be more tattle tales)

This/these companies provide nothing but nightmares!!! Nothing is done according to schedule, workmanship is *** and they will say anything to get a buck. I have had the worst experience of my life with Jed Hartweg's business. They employ fast talking car sales men tactics and strong arm anyone to get a sale.

I would compare it to letting a rapist walk around free, everyone should publish their experience to ensure it doesn't happen to other innocent unassuming consumers.


Review about: Siding.



If anyone wants to know what really goes on at this company let me know ... I used to work for him and got out as quickly as possible. This guy needs to be thrown in jail!!!!!

Attach a post with your email and ill get back to you!!

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